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At Sacred Lotus, we strongly believe in using fabrics and textiles that are completely natural. Our fabrics are produced in accordance with the principles of sustainability. We use Modal and Pro-Modal, natural cellulose fibres derived from beech wood.


Modal remains wonderfully soft, supple and absorbent even after repeated washing. This superior softness makes Modal the softest fibre in the world. Modal is a luxurious fabric that makes colors radiant. The color remains brilliant and strong despite repeated washes. Modal is a 100% beech wood and creates a fabric that feels buttery soft next to the skin. The elegant drape of Modal fabric makes it perfect for creating clothes for Yoga and After-Yoga wear.

Sacred Lotus has combined Modal with 5% Elastene to give our Yogawear the ability to stretch and move with your body.


Promodal is a combination of Modal and Tencel fibres. Tencel is extracted from wood and is 100% bio-degradable. It adds strength to the fabric as well as has a superior moisture absorbing character. Tencel is the hygiene fabric per se. The growth of bacteria is prevented in a natural way, without any chemical additives found in synthetic dry-fit fabrics. In comparisons between Tencel and synthetic fibres, the risk of bacterial growth is 2000 times higher with synthetic fibres.

Together Tencel and Modal fibres make it possible to unite outstanding softness with optimum function. The resulting fabric, Promodal, is capable of moisture-management, reduced growth of bacteria and high tenacity.

Promodal is used in our Active Yogawear comprising of Yoga pants, tights and shorts.

Great care has been taken by us at Sacred Lotus to use the softest of natural fibres, creating fabrics that are ideal for body conscious clothing.